I want my baby back baby back baby back

Grill-Smoked Baby Backs

This post may get me a shunning from Pitmaster and BBQ Life Coach Gary Wiviott, author of Low and Slow.

I made baby back ribs on a gas grill, instead of smoking them.  Smoked ribs, using Gary’s methods creates a porky delight that surpasses 90% of the restaurant ribs, and is at least as good as the best rib shacks: spicy, great texture and flavor to the meat: tooth-sucking bliss.  But it takes about 5 hours, start to finish.  I didn’t set things up at lunch time, so smoking ribs for dinner wasn’t an option.

But they’re still great, because baby back ribs are great.

Recipe? Not really. 1 slab ribs. Slather thinly with yellow mustard, sprinkle lightly with your favorite bbq rub. Preheat grill hot, then turn the back two burners to as low as they’ll go, with a foil tray of wood chips over the hot burner.

Cook ribs, turning occasionally. Shortly before serving time, baste with your favorite BBQ Sauce (I know, also heresy, but I was going for a style here). I had about two and a half hours on the grill here.

The point is, if you’re not going to use the finesse and technique you know is the best, know what the alternatives are, and what their limitations are.  Sometimes, that’s what you want. Sometimes, you feel guilty anyway. Nope. Not with ribs. Enjoy them.  I wouldn’t try this method with spareribs, you’d just get leathery, greasy things.  Baby backs are a lot more forgiving.

There’s even a hint of pink ‘smoke ring’ on the meat, although that’s not too obvious in the shot below. These are the leftovers, the next day.

I want my baby back baby back baby back


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