Tuna Sandwich

Bachelor Chow Weekend: That’s no ordinary tuna sandwich

Leftover seared tuna, pretty darn nice on its own, becomes an awesome sandwich.

  1. Cut sourdough bread cut off the sides of the loaf to sorta kinda make a baguette (still too much bread, even with the insides torn out.
  2. Spread a little Kewpie mayo, and put under the broiler briefly to make it brown and crusty
  3. Slice leftover avocado, mash into the bread
  4. Break up the pieces of leftover tuna and place on the sandwich
  5. Slice up the green parts of a scallion, sprinkle over the sandwich with some chopped cilantro
  6. Add a couple slices of soy-pickled shiitakes
  7. Smear a little Thai Chile Jam (nam prik pao) over the top
  8. Eat
  9. Smile

Tuna Sandwich


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