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Bachelor Chow Weekend: Chimney-Seared Tuna

Sue’s gone for the weekend, so expect several bachelor chow posts, starting with last night’s dinner.  Saku (yellowfin) tuna was available at the newly-opened Fresh Thyme market at a decent price.

So how to prepare it? Seared tuna is somewhat passe, but the only other method that sounded interesting would be oil-poached, and I thought I should keep at least one meal this weekend light.

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Extreme Easter Brunch

Extreme Easter Buffet

You’re probably saying, “didn’t he just post about Passover leftovers?” Yup, this atheist gets to host both religions’ spring festivals.  In style.

I’ve always fought to serve something other than ham (I’m not a big fan, and neither was Jesus), and since several of my in-laws dislike lamb, this year I suggested hosting it as brunch.

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Passover Leftover Upcycle: Eggs Benjamin

My sister brought a large-bore, skinless kishke* to Passover on Monday night. There was a lot left.

So take a couple big slices, toast them up in a pan with a little oil. In the same pan, saute a few stalks of asparagus, and fry an egg over easy.

Combine. Sigh. Think how many times you might be able to repeat it without a cardiologist. Maybe a picture next time.


* Kishke, also called stuffed derma, is sort of Jewish polenta, or stuffing, or maybe haggis. It’s poor-man’s food, flour (or matzo meal), broth and beef fat, usually stuffed in a sausage casing and baked. It’s delicious, but not particularly healthful.

Spicy Curried Mussels

Bachelor Chow Honors Class – Spicy Curried Mussels

Sunday night was bachelor night – Sue was meeting some friends, so I’d be on my own, which means I can eat things she doesn’t like. So wandering the local market, I debated fish, squid, clams (thinking about clams with miso for a future edition of Bachelor Chow Honors Class)… and settled on mussels.  I probably should have picked up another leek — I thought I had two left, but only had one, and had enough mussels in a two-pound bag to overeat for dinner and lunch today.

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