Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich with Late Tomato

The Last Home-Grown Tomato

This was a lousy year for growing tomatoes: the summer started hot spurring a lot of plant growth, but turned cooler, meaning few fruit ripened on the vine, and the ones that did were all chomped by squirrels.  All of them, I mean it.  I got like four ripe tomatoes all season off of five plants. And then an early frost came, and I harvested all the green tomatoes over a reasonable size.  Made fried green tomatoes, thought about making a green tomato curry… but then they started ripening in the basket.  In past years, this has led to raised hopes being dashed as they rotted faster than they ripened, but I got at least six decent, juicy tomatoes in November and December from the early harvest.  These weren’t even ‘breakers’ with a little red on them, they were grass-green when I pulled them in.

The pictured sandwich isn’t actually the last tomato, it was third-to-last, with the other two going into a salad, and another similar sandwich of twice-leftover curried turkey salad: there was a lot of meat on the carcass after making stock, so I pulsed that in the food processor with some of the onions and carrots, then added a big portion of S&B curry powder (the best for this sort of salad) and a dollop of mayo.  The sandwich is on toasted sourdough, with scallions, jalapeno, and of course, sliced tomato.

Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich with Late Tomato

Spicy Curried Mussels

Bachelor Chow Honors Class – Spicy Curried Mussels

Sunday night was bachelor night – Sue was meeting some friends, so I’d be on my own, which means I can eat things she doesn’t like. So wandering the local market, I debated fish, squid, clams (thinking about clams with miso for a future edition of Bachelor Chow Honors Class)… and settled on mussels.  I probably should have picked up another leek — I thought I had two left, but only had one, and had enough mussels in a two-pound bag to overeat for dinner and lunch today.

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