Everything is Awesome: Props for my props!


Everything is Awesome!

A quick note comment I made on a post at theKitchn blog is listed as #2 on their post today, “Why Didn’t We Think Of That? 18 Genius Kitchen Organizing Tips From Our Readers

What is it?  Use of Duplo™ Lego™ bricks for stacking baking sheets for a party.  They’re dishwasher safe and weren’t doing anything else after my kids got too big for the simple Duplo stuff.  There’s still about 16-20 of these little squares in my kitchen cabinet for space-limited times such as parties.  Need to make several trays of chicken wings, taquitos, etc.?  Just stack two on each corner, and put another tray on top. Lather, rinse repeat.

I’d show a real-life use, but I’m 600 miles from my kitchen right now.

Duplo™ and Lego™ are trademarks of the Lego Group. There is no financial relationship between this blog and The Lego Group, except that I’ve spent probably a couple thou on sets for my sons, cousins, nieces and nephews over the years (and the Mindstorms for myself).