soup fixins

Morel Season Part 3: Mothers’ Day Soup

And so we come to the end of the morel stash. It’s Mothers’ Day, and Sue has asked that we not go out to eat, but have a nice light dinner at home. Avgolemono Soup with morels, and fresh bread… lots of butter tonight.

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Pasta with Morels, Chard and Gorgonzola

Morel Season Part 1: Bachelor Chow Pasta

Every year, my brother hunts morels. I can’t tell you where he finds them, he won’t even tell me. But he’ll share them… when there’s more than his household can consume, and his younger daughter is a fiend for them floured and fried.  This year, I got a couple pounds, and with Sue out for a Mothers’ Day Eve Girls Night Out, it’s back to Bachelor Chow again.

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